Dan + Shay | Chris Lane | Revolution Concert House | April 13, 2019

Dan + Shay was new to me although the rest of the world is already in deep with them and for good reason. We had super fans lining up outside the venue at 7 am and others hiding on the other side of the fence at various times of the day. I spent a bit of time with Shay and Justin (lead guitar and fashion designer extraordinar) at a local eyewear shop PROOF (shenanigans ensue) and by the time we left I was internally horrified and honored at the same time that they were calling me “Mom”. After several threats of me grounding them and sending them to the corner if we didn’t head back to the venue soon they insisted I try on some glasses. I did as I was told and before we left they told me I looked “rad” and that I had to accept the glasses as a gift or it would insult them. I graciously accepted and have to admit I’m a better driver because of them.

This is a group I hope to work for again because I couldn’t get enough of their kindness and down to earth nature. They have dedicated fans around the globe and one new “mom” the next time they visit Boise.

Thank you to Dan + Shay for the new sunglasses, I’ll remember you always.

Thank you to Dan + Shay for the new sunglasses, I’ll remember you always.

Rod Stewart | Ford Idaho Center | October 24, 2018 (Cancelled per Rod Stewart)

Even though this show was cancelled at the 11th hour by Rod Stewart due to a injured foot, I spent two days working for the tour chef. Tours that have their own catering work from the time they open their eyes to the time they shut (they work 24/7 so I’m certain their eyes never reaalllly shut) Tour catering prepares 3 meals + snacks a day onsite for the entire touring crew (+150 people) and more often than not in a makeshift kitchen (outside in any weather condition. No shit) in tents fueled by huge propane tanks.

They not only plan out daily meals and snacks but there are multiple main dishes for varying diets, several side dishes to choose from and a dessert bar that will knock any sweet tooth out of the park. I see tricked out coffee bars and fresh juice bars with every fruit and vegetable to keep performers and crew in tip top shape. I don’t know where they find the time but the presentation is always well thought out and some tours even include holiday/seasonal appropriate props so even the most seasoned crew feels at home….. and don’t get me started if it’s someone’s birthday!.

It’s hard to eat healthy and thoughtful on the road so a giant “Thank you!” to the hardworking catering crews that keep hundreds of people fed. Every day. Every meal. Every show.

Thomas Rhett + Brett Young + Midland | Ford Idaho Center | October 19, 2018

The “Life Changes Tour 2018” had to be one of my best shows and only the second country show I’ve worked in all the years I’ve been doing this. I had Brett Young + Midland for the day. Pre-show runs ensue!.

This trifecta of performers couldn’t have been any more down to earth, and they were overly humble (seriously). Some might know that I trade guitar picks- similar to trading baseball cards. I asked Jess Carson (Midland’s guitarist) if anyone on the tour trades because I needed some country picks in my collection. He had never heard of pick trading so what better time than to get someone new in on tour underground fun?. I had TWO Prince picks that I swore I would never trade but I thought it would be a good time to give one up to Jess….for the cause you know.

This is a band I truly hope to work for again and by all means if they’re in your town grab a ticket because they put on a great show. Energetic, entertaining and they truly love their fans.


Skallywag Festival | Century Link Arena | September 30, 2018

Skallywag Festival was the perfect show to kick off fall. Bad Religion, Pennywise, Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake and The Interrupters took the stage with incredible energy. I worked mostly with Penny Wise for this show and felt like I won a small lottery, mostly because of the verbal banter with Fletcher Dragge. He might have met his match if he would have stuck around longer. Next time Mr. Dragge….next time.


Luke Bryan| Ford Idaho Center | September 20, 2018

It’s time to “boot + scoot” (again) with Luke Bryan and this time in the +12,000 seat arena at the Ford Idaho Center. Luke Bryan seems to like his Idaho fans as much as we love him. He’s circling around for the 3rd time in 3 years and country folk are waiting with baited breath. What a great show to wrap up summer.