"Photographs capture one moment, a nanosecond frozen in the present time giving a viewer a glimpse into a story of the past".  Mati Young

Journeys form who we are and what we become as people and as you drift through my site you catch that glimpse into someone else's story.  I photograph what I see from day to day.  Music is my primary focus  but life is fascinating all on it's own- no stage needs to be set and when you have a camera on you at all times you catch things you normally wouldn't photograph. Like a cup of coffee spilled in the street or someone smoking in the alley on their break.  My best photos are of people in their natural element- when they're not posing or not even aware I'm there. Their personality shines through in a natural fashion. Never fake, always organic. 

I abandoned a traditional camera in 2013 and have used an iphone as my primary ever since (I still use a traditional if I “have” to). With an iphone I can shoot in a moments notice and capture a look that I could never force. Since I have this freedom you'll see many styles, subjects and settings and my eyes are always evolving. Content always on the move.

My passion is music and what goes on behind the curtain. Everyone has pictures of performers on stage but I prefer "the happenings" of the before and after they take the stage. Behind the curtain when they've shed their "performance suit" and really see them.  Not only do I enjoy photographing music but I also photograph music gear.  I have a huge respect for the design + detailing. Guitars, amps, pedals, mics. and even cords -all of it. 

My portfolio varies greatly.  Some photos are of people who haven't been on this earth for even an hour and others decades. I've photographed birth, death and even life that didn't  have a chance to walk on this earth. To be invited into ones life and photograph it at any moment is nothing short of an gift. Whatever you desire to document, I can be there. 

I'm available for touring and/or recording documentation. With +20 years working in many facets of the music industry I know my way around pretty well. References + letters of recommendation upon request.